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Melissa shruman – consultant

About Me

I started in Human Resources where I learned to enjoy working individually with people on a more personal level. That’s why I prefer working with small businesses instead of faceless large corporations. I also enjoy traveling to you on my dime if necessary, so it doesn’t matter where you’re located.

Of course, we can meet by phone, video chat, or even email; but face-to-face is always a better situation where we can interact personally and authentically. But it’s up to you. Either way, I would love to work with you!


How I Work

National-based small business consultant

1. The goal of consulting is to make my small business clients succeed.

Often, the problem the client asks to solve is not the real problem.

Many times a client says, “I need a fire extinguisher because I have this big fire growing in my company.”

But the problem is not the fire that needs to be extinguished, but rather the reason the fire started in the first place.

Consulting should be to help clients succeed by finding the real underlying problems and solving them rather than trying to solve “visible problems” or “customer-related problems.”

2. Consulting is helping the customer to grow.

It is not a substitute for your work. If it becomes a substitute for your work, it becomes ‘outsourcing’ rather than ‘consulting.’

Consulting is about showing a clear picture to the client and helping them make a balanced decision. My job is to train the client so they develop a better perspective and knowledge after consulting project is completed.

3. Consulting is a combination of expertise and logic to solve the problem.

We will drill down to solve the complicated situations logically, especially in specific areas that many times are connected organically.

Solving just one or two problems is not enough. We must get to the core issue and work from there.

4. Consulting should be completed timely.

No matter how difficult a problem is, it must be resolved quickly. It’s the same reason catching cancer early has a better outcome than taking time for it to spread and worsen.

A professional business consultant is someone who works quickly to find the heart of a client’s problem and resolve it

As a result, we create timelines together, along with detailed preparation and methodological procedures step-by-step.


“Melissa was worth a fortune to my company. The very best.”
– Sherill N.

“Just what I was looking for. A life-saver!”
– Matti T.

“I will refer everyone I know. It’s just amazing. I wish I would have known about Melissa and her services before we started our business. We would have saved a ton of money! I STRONGLY recommend Melissa Shruman to ANYONE who runs a business!”
– Madeline Q.





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Problem solving methodology


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Let’s work together so I can show you my MoJo to help your business soar. I’m only a contact away.