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Melissa Shruman
La Crosse, Wisconsin


I am a passionate leader with a seasonal human resource management background specializing in helping small businesses improve their productivity. I am enthusiastic about motivational techniques to help teams work well together. I have learned how to recognize underlying problems that a business may not be aware of. My speciality is in small business consultant where we solve problems quickly and efficiently so you can do what you do best.


Vanhause College,
Post Graduate Diploma, Business Consulting


Self-Employed, La Crosse, Wisconsin
July 2015 – Present

Freelance Consultant And Development

The Melissa Shruman Consulting Firm is an entrepreneurship venture for small business consulting.

ALA, Rochester, Minnesota

June 2009 – July 2015

Human Resource Project Manager
ALA is a global provider of Human Resource Communications training for upstart companies ranging from high-tech to healthcare facilities.

Developed and managed a class of 10 new service technologies.

* Led 3 teams of up to 10 direct reports and 1 interns to be a full time staff.
* Provided training for a team of 15 people to implement an international research project for Human Resource staffing.
* Received the Best Program Award for the ADP service operations timeline.


I teach yoga part-time and volunteer for elderly meal delivery service. I am a member of the Women’s Entrepreneur Society and have held several positions including secretary and Vice -President.


* Conversion Tracking
* Funnel Analyze
* Project Development Expert